Water and Hydraulics 

Our consultancy takes place in any phase involving the integral management of water: from its planning, project feasibility, construction, maintenance and retreat of the water projects. Our services includes:

  • Water management
  • Sanitary Engineering
  • Water and HydraulicaDrainage systems
  • Dams and dikes project.
  • Risk analysis of an integrated dam system.
  • Studies and planning of avenues and floods

Engineering of Dikes

To be able to live and work “sufficiently” safely behind seas and rivers the primary and regional dikes needs to be met the applicable standards and guidelines.

ZAFECO cares of the entire assessment process for dikes and embankments in accordance with ENW / TAW and STOWA guidelines. Additionally ZAFECO advises on dike and shore improvements.

Also ZAFECO advises how this can be accomplished that constructions of roadways on dikes shall not lower their safety.


- Reconstrucción del dique Lageweg Spaarndam
- Tramonta de Lier

Recnstruction of the dike Lageweg Spaarndam  Tramonta de Lier