How we work

How we workWe provide geotechnical and hydraulic consultancies and soil investigations in such a way that it answers and satisfies the clients’ question, need or problem. We propose comprehensive consulting services that meet all the concerns and questions of our customers, offering efficient and economical solutions.

Our professionals have experience at both European and Latin American level, working at various geotechnical projects. Based on our experience we are a connector (the link) between European Companies or Institutes and Latin American partner companies for the development of civil and geotechnical projects.



How we workOur advising is normally based on the data obtained from the CPT soundings and if necessary supported with laboratory tests. Our work not only includes the generation of a general data report but on the contrary the report is formulated specifically based on the demands of the client, generating proposals of efficient and economic solutions.
According to the magnitude of the projects we work with a fixed team supported by our flexible network of professionals. Based on the specific project requirements we work with a network of national and international professionals



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